Did you know Isle Dance can provide 1-2-1 sessions and small group training?


Private sessions are the best way to get the most out of Pilates as you have the total attention of your teacher. Skill level and knowledge will improve more quickly and you'll feel the difference in how hard you work and the results you get with a private session. Private sessions can be done in addition to group classes and can be as regularly as you need.

If you are keen to start Pilates but have serious back problems or health issues, get in touch & I can tailor the Pilates class to meet your needs through private sessions - you may then find that you are ready to join the regular class with these modifications.

Private session includes full assessment of current abilities and needs, in order designs a programme tailored to the individual. This allows the individual to follow a programme suitable to their fitness level, working to build on their strengths and weaknesses.


Make it social and save a bit of money by coming with 1 or 2 friends

Exercising with a friend is a good way to make personal training a little cheaper. Ideal if you both have the same goal. Also working out with a friend is a great incentive and motivator.

Pilates is ideal with other forms of sport / exercise - it's a great thing to do as a team, so if you'd like to book a Pilates session tailored especially for your group or team please get in touch.

Testimonials from previous 1-2-1 clients

*"I found the 121 sessions really fantastic, as someone totally new to Pilates it helped me really focus on getting my posture and muscles in the right place without worrying that I would never get it. That tuition really builds confidence and ensures you get the maximum out of every Pilates class. In 6 weeks I saw a big change in my body shape, it really helps with toning, definition and strength and I feel so much better as a result".

"I started 1-2-1 pilates sessions following on from the beginners classes. I found the 1-2-1 sessions a much more intense workout as Kirstie focuses the whole session on what you are and aren't doing correctly.

Pilates has totally improved my posture, core strength, running technique as well as helped with my lower back pain. Kirstie has a fantastic teaching method which pushes you to improve to the next level. I also paired up with a friend to spilt the costs of 1-2-1 sessions and although we were at different levels of Pilates it worked really well and we both felt we'd had a really good workout!"*