There are various ways to pay for cheerleading and hip hop classes.

The easiest and cheapest way is setting up a Standing Order payment using the standing order form below.

(Download registration pack with info re payments and cheerleading) REG PACK 2012.pdf O.

This should be returned to Kirstie at Isle Dance, 10 East St, Sandwick or can be returned at the NWA Fun Day on 18th August. The payments will be taken from account every 2 months throughout the cheer year. If your child wishes to quit classes you will need to cancel payment. No classes will be refunded if a child leaves have way through a block.

All forms returned by 18th August will be eligible for a 10% discount.

You can also pay using Paypal subscriptions. Paypal payments are subject to a £1 transaction fee per payment. Subsriptions will be taken every 2 months from the date of first payment. 6 payments in total will be taken throughout the year. Payments set up by 18th August will be eligible for 10% discount.
There is a 10% for siblings too - if you have 2 children in the same family please use the standing order form and take the 10% off.