NWA welcomes everyone who is determined to work hard and give their all to the squad. Girls don’t need experience, but should be willing to dedicate time each week to training as athletes to become cheerleaders. We believe anyone who puts in the time and effort can be a cheerleader – everyone is welcome. We only hold tryouts for 3 of our teams so there is a chance for everyone to get involved.

Benefits of Cheerleading

Squad members and recreational cheerleaders will learn genuine skills – tumbling, stunts and dance, they will have the chance to be part of a team, working together, having fun in a social and supportive environment, as well as improving fitness strength, flexibility and confidence.

Performing in front of people teaches the girls to develop confidence, grooming skills, improves their ability to deal with pressure, and enhances teamwork skills.

What will be expected of squad members

Weekly practise building fitness, strength and flexibility as well as dance, tumbling and stunts skills. We will build on routines to enter into competitions and perform at events. Training will be designed to push girls as athletes, it will be demanding but girls will only be able to achieve their best through hard work and dedication.

Commitment is a must!!!! Cheerleading is a team sport and due to the nature of the stunts we perform, every time one person misses practise, 4 other girls cannot practise their stunts! Girls who miss practise more than 3 times in a term may lose their space in their stunt group. Consistently absent cheerleaders will not be able to enter competitions. We will now have reserves on certain teams which means that more than 3 absences and you’re replaced.

Attendance at fundraising events – e.g. bag packs, sponsored walks. Fundraising will help pay for uniforms and trips and those who don’t help won’t be able to benefit from these funds.

Attendance at competitions – as members of the squad you will be expected to attend competitions. If you cannot attend a planned competition we must have notice of this at least 1 month in advance. A limited number of competitions will be selected each year.

We expect good behaviour, sportsmanship and dedication from all our girls, creating a support family like environment where everyone looks out for each other and works together. We will not tolerate bullying or any unkind behaviour at practise or outwith.

NWA Rules

  1. Hair must be tied back for reasons of health and safety

  2. Jewellery must be removed for reasons of health and safety

  3. No food or fizzy drinks in the dance studio. No chewing gum in class

  4. Girls should be ready to start at stated time – if they miss the important warm up and stretch at the beginning of class they are in danger of getting hurt

  5. If a cheerleader cannot attend practise please contact Kirstie by text, email or phone in advance of class so I can adjust lesson plans

  6. Cheerleaders should wear exercise clothes and trainers or pumps – sandals and slip on shoes may be dangerous. Cheerleaders must not turn up in school uniform, jeans, skirts or other inappropriate attire.

  7. Cheerleaders must not practise stunts without mats. Stunts must be supervised by a qualified / experienced adult / coach

    To re-iterate - anyone on a tryout only team arriving late, missing class without getting in touch, or not following any of these rules, WILL lose their place on their squad.

Payments for weekly subs as well as one off competition / trip payments must be made on time.