I get loads of requests from all of you for music names etc, so I'm going to paste up the current and past playlists here so you can find any tunes you need. I get alot of music from Zumba as part of the Zumba Instructor's Network, however you will usually be able to find the original of the song on iTunes/ Amazon.

January 2011 Playlist

Relight my Fire - Take That
The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas
Jamaican Cumbia - Bachaco
Sazon (merengue) - Zumba
Na Ponta Do Pe (Axe) - Zumba
Hella Decale - DJ Mam's Featuring Doukali & Soldate Jahman
Lo Que Paso, paso (reggaeton) - Zumba
La Vida ed un Carnaval - Celia Cruz
Jump in the Line - Zumba
Hey Ya - Outkast
Cumbia Pa La Nena - Bachaco
I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Houston
Wild Mountainside - Eddi Reader

St Andrew's Day playlist 2010

Hoots Mon! Lord Rockinghams XI
SHout - Lulu
Sweet dreams - Eurythmics
Wiggle Wiggle - Zumba
Vete (merengue) - Zumba
Meuve la Cadera (samba) - Zumba
Feugo a la jicotea (salsa) - Zumba
Tunak Tunak Tun (bhangra) - - Zumba
Pencil full of lead- Paolo nutting
Pa'l Sonero - Salsa Celtica Mawa Sillah - - Zumba
Wee Andy Webber's Scottish Medley - Dean Park
Dignity - Deacon Blue
Wild Mountain Thyme - Emma Geekie

October 2010 Playlist

Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez
Barbara Streisand - Ducksauce
Boombastic - Shaggy
Wiggle Wiggle (merengue) - Zumba Fitness
La Hora de Bailar (merengue) - Zumba Fitness
Zumbando por un Sueno (salsa) - Zumba Fitness
Tunak Tunak Tun - Zumba Fitness
Mami Que Bola (Cha cha) - Zumba Fitness
Maghalena (samba) - Zumba Fitness
Slide - Zumba Fitness
Ae Fond Kiss - Eddi Reader

August 2010 Playlist

Dude Looks Like a Lady - Aerosmith
Livin' La Vida Loca (spanish) - Ricky Martin
Work (feat. Missy Elliott) - Ciara
La Patilla (merengue) - Zumba Fitness
Fuego a la Jicotea (salsa) - Zumba Fitness
She's Hotter (reggaeton) - Zumba Fitness (orig Pitbull)
Tu Bomboncita - Cuban Flamenco
La Luz del flow - Zumba Fitness
La Vida es un Carnaval (salsa)- Celia Cruz
Dame un Tiempo Mas (cumbia) - Zumba Fitness
Stand by me (bachata) - Prince Royce
One Love - Bob Marley

July 2010 Playlist

California Gurls - Katy Perry The Anthem - Zumba Fitness
Carry Out - Timbaland & JT
La Mujeres La Bailan Bien - Merengue - Zumba
Pegate - (Peurta Rican / Salsa) - Zumba
La Vida es un Carnaval (Salsa) - Celia Cruz
Mil Horas (Cumbia) - Zumba
Dance da Maozinha (Axe) - Zumba
Enjoy Yourself - Guy Lombardo
Coming Up Easy - Paolo Nutini

June 2010 Playlist

Hot, Hot, Hot - Arrow
African Dream, African Beats - Zumba Fitness: Party Nation
Esto es Africa (Waka Waka) - Shakira
Yo No Se Manana (salsa) - Zumba Jump In The Line - Zumba
Con el Pompi pa' Arriba (merengue) - Zumba

Pegate (Peurta Rican / Salsa) - Zumba
Mas Que Nada (Samba) - Sergio Mendes feat. Black Eyed Peas
Tu Boquita (Cumbia) - Zumba
Arabian Myth (Bellydancing) - Zumba
All The Lovers - Kylie Minogue