I love to dance, and that’s why I love Zumba. It feels more like a dancing at a party or festival than an exercise class.

But believe me, it is exercise and it works. The fast hip movements, shimmys, and booty shaking may not feel like workbut they’re toning your body the whole time – especially the core muscle,s hips , bum and thighs whilst all the salsa moves help you rediscover your waist and hips! You’ll feel fitter and trimmer in no time burning up to 1000 calories per class.

That’s all great but it’s not just the benefits that make Zumba so brilliant – it’s the fact that it’s fun, you could say addictive. The music is uplifting – it makes you want to move. Zumba makes you want to exercise – I can hardly wait for class each week.

The atmosphere is great, the participants are fabulous – no-one is judgemental – all shapes and sizes are welcome. It’s just about coming along, enjoying the music, the dancing and getting into the groove.

I could go on… and I frequently do (don’t make the mistake of asking about Zumba if you’re in a rush), but I’ll leave it at that and if you want to know more, you really should come along and try it out!!!!