feel free to get in touch with any of your own!

What do I need to bring?

If you enjoy your Yoga classes and would like to attend regularly and practice at home I strongly recommend buying your own good, quality Yoga mat. Please get in touch if you'd like to buy a mat through me or are looking for mat advice.
I have some mats available in class for those who don't yet have your own. Bring plenty water.

What do I wear?

Barefoot and clothes that allow for movement e.g. tshirts, leggings. During the winter especially it's important to layer clothing as often it will be cold when we start and also for the relaxation at the end. You may want to bring a blanket to keep you warm at the end of class.

I can't commit to weekly classes - can I drop in?

If you have some experience of yoga you can attend a drop in class for £7 if there are spaces on that class. Check out the Flexi pass rates for more flexible booking options. As the class is taught as a course it is recommended that you attend the full block to get the most from your class.

How much do I need to do?
To see and feel maximum effects you ideally need to practice more than once a week. Ideally participants would do a little bit at home regularly. Your class will encourage and support home practice.

What level should I do? Is yoga suitable for pregnancy / medical conditions?

It is always advisable to check with your GP if you're unsure and talk through and issues with your teacher before class. Both classes can be modified to suit the individual however we aim for the Friday class to be a little more challenging so if you're returning to exercise after a break, illness or having a baby - or if you're pregnant, the Thursday class would be more suitable.

If you have any medical problems please check with a doctor before starting yoga. Please let me know when you're booking if you're pregnant, or have a medical condition / back problems or anything that you think might affect your class.

Is Yoga like Pilates?

There are some similarities but they are not the same. Joseph Pilates was very interested in yoga and you can see the influence in many of the moves. Both have an emphasis on focusing the mind and using the breath. Yoga has a lot more variety in the types of postures and much more standing poses - plus there is more emphasis on flexibility and relaxation.