Classical Pilates is equally suitable for women AND men.

Classical Pilates is suitable for all ages, from teens upward.

If you're desk bound and inactive Pilates will help your posture, help strengthen your body, ease back pain and increase flexibility.

Pre and post natal - it's great for toning up those abdominal muscles after having a baby, but please speak to Kirstie first to check that everything ok to start classes. Kirstie completed her ante and post natal exercise training this year.

Anyone suffering from generic back pain and / or poor posture will benefit from strengthening their core muscles to ease pressure on back caused by poor alignment. You will need to check with your Doctor or Physio and fill in a Medical Questionnaire before joining a Pilates class if you have back problems. Pilates is not a substitute for Phsiotherapy.
If you have more serious back issues or other health problems please get in touch before starting a class. In most cases you will need to do a private Pilates session to learn how to modify the moves to suit your body rather than going straight into a group mat class, where you could potentially hurt yourself.

Not at your physical peak? Not to worry - Pilates is suitable for all abilities and will enhance develop strength, flexibility and leave you feeling more energised. We can modify more difficult exercises until strength is developed. Try starting with the Beginner's class and working your way up.

Athletes Classical Pilates adds an extra dimension to any athletic training programme by encouraging correct movement patterning, correcting muscular imbalance and thus helping prevent injury. The development of core strength and improving flexibility adds power to overall performance (from Classical Pilates UK) .

Dancers: Classical Pilates has long been associated with dancers and one of Joseph's students was George Balanchine, founder of New York City Ballet. He encouraged his dancers to work with Joe at his New York studio. Today's dancers are encouraged to be "Fit to dance" and Classical Pilates helps to prevent injury by developing correct alignment while maintaining strength and flexibility.(from Classical Pilates UK)

You will be asked to fill in an Exercise Readiness Questionnaire to ensure that there are no health issues which may make Classical Pilates unsuitable at this time